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Giving Back

“Can you imagine the change that would occur in others and us if everyone took a moment to do at least one thoughtful action every day? Our world would be a very different place. Leave your legacy—not in possessions or accolades—but in moments. Moments that matter.”

Common Stones


Weekly Random Act of Kindness


Bring quarters to a laundromat and fill the machines.

November Highlighted Non-Profit


Three Strands serves BirthMoms (within the process of adoption) as they realize their value in the Three Strand cord. A BirthMom is a brave, unsung hero who has made the courageous, selfless choice of choosing life for her child and making an adoption plan to give that child the best possible life at that point on her journey.  Three Strands is making a difference by focusing solely on serving BirthMoms in the critical post-placement state.

Our Vision: No BirthMom leaves the hospital without a community of support that will honor her choice, help her heal and equip her with resources that will launch her forward with great promise for the future.”

Would you like to help? YOU can make a difference…